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What Kind of Experts Can I Refer You To:

When Buying and Selling a detached home, row townhome, condo, waterfront, luxury home or investment property, there are all kinds of people that can help you avoid getting into trouble.

Experts I Can Refer You To Include:

  • Financial Experts:
    • Mortgage Broker or Bank Mortgage Expert
    • The first place to start when buying a home is to make sure you will have the appropriate funds to complete the purchase. Getting a pre-approval can lock you into good mortgage rates, and can also help you understand how much you should be paying for your new home. You want to make sure that you will have enough each month to cover your mortgage, taxes, condo fees (if applicable) etc... Financial experts will help you understand how much you can afford to spend.
  • Home Inspectors
    • It is always important that your new home is in a great neighbourhood, and that its features suit you and your family. Curb appeal and décor are important. But there are things that could cost you $$$ to fix, and while a home inspector may not be able to see what is behind the walls and between the floors, there are things that an inspector will look for, and bring to your attention. Buy your next home with your eyes open. Choose not to purchase the home, or have a good idea what kind of additional costs you are willing to make before or after you move in.
      • General Home Inspector
      • Septic Inspector
      • Water/Well Inspector
      • W.E.T.T. Inspector (for a wood burning appliance)
  • Real Estate Lawyer/Solicitor
  • Insurance Companies

It is always easier to have all your experts lined up, so that when you are ready, they are too. Choose your experts before you make your offer if you can, and the buying and selling process will go smoother and with less stress.